Monday, 12 November 2012

Christmas Countdown, Adventures and the Big Smoke!

Well it has been an amazing weekend, it was finally the time to visit the Country Living Magazine Christmas Fair in Islington, London. And oh my god! it was amazing, there was so much to see and luckily for me my husband had bought me VIP tickets!
My beautiful friend Becca accompanied me and well got me there! She took me onm the Train into the Big Smoke and then she got me on the tube!!!!!! HOW the bleading hell she managed it I do not know? I am a little terrfied of the train/tube and well the big smoke. I live an hour away by train and have never been. I am just terrified of getting completly lost, mugged, kidnapped, my husband said I watch too many films. Seriously my only knowledge of the Big smoke and the tube is that from films and the news and lets face it they never say how 10000's of people are fine and do it every day, all you hear/read about is the bad stuff and for me being a whimp that is what I hold onto.
But she did it and I did it. I was going to take a photo under the Kings Cross sign and the Angel Tube sign but never got chance as we were being swept along in our excitement and the crowd.
The Fair itself was brilliant, everything that I hoped it would be but and this is a big BUT it was busy and the venue and the stalls were too small, I can cope with busy but there wasnt room to properly browse inside the stalls, hence we both came away with 1/2 our money still, as you just simply could not get in to see what people had to offer which was a huge dissapointment, as I came away without things that I had wanted to get. But thats the beauty of the Interent and I will try and order online instead, but what a clat as I will have to go into the bank and pay the money back in so I can order online and then I will be stung with P&P charges too :(
We came out sooner then expected too as we weren't going to pay the food prices and we got fed up with not being able to see anything properly that we took a strole down Upper str. in islington and we did Cancer Research Charity shop and I mamanged to snag myself a lovely Navy broidere angliase skirt and we went for a Macdonalds... can't explain how nice it tasted as I havent had one for months.
But here are some of the things that I managed to get my hands on and there are some that I can't show you as they are some for Lakotas Christmas Swap and some family christmas presents..
This amaizingly sweet little ceramic heart complete with Robin from Hogben pottery...I have an obsession with Robins, but they have to be the feather fluffed up kind as they do to keep warm in the winter..

This beautiful Stained Glass Star by Karen Davies, I am going to be ordering some more...

This amazing trim which is being earmarked for my secondhand coat thay my wonderful parents have bought for me as an early birthday watch this space for another customisation...

1m of these lovely fabric, again for some customisation projects....

These 2 lovely vintage handkerchiefs, £1 and I was stupid not too...

Some lovely East of India Trim, ready to stitch my gingerbread men too for a christmas garland....

And some of the most amazing jams/preserves I have ever tasted. The Carrot Cake jam on the right is actually like eating a slice of carrot cake...truely amazing!!!
Now I have been to the fair it has emarked Christmas countdown here at Crivens Cottage, and I have ordered 2 garlands which I saw at the fair but found cheaper online so have ordered 2 and my list of presents is being made this week and decoration making overload has begun.
I hope that you have all had an amazing weekend too.
Autumn Blessings,


  1. It's a shame that you couldn't get to see all the merchandise on offer, it sounds very busy. London is no more scary than any city, I reckon, just hold your head high and look as though you belong! Besides which, there are thousands of visitors and tourists who don't have a clue where they are going, so it doesn't matter!
    Cute robin, and lovely fabric and trim too. xxx

  2. Love the trim, so vibrant. Also adore the robin, so very sweet and reminds me of my late Mum who loved robins. Sounds like a fun day out.

    1. The trim made my heart sing when i spied it from across the room, it reminds me of my childhood x

  3. Oh I love that trim! And YOU've inspired me to tart up my new curtains! Fab!

    1. My pleasure darling, Make sure you show us what you end up doing to your curtains!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous day out. Well done for braving the journey x

  5. oohhh loving the robin on the ceramic heart! it's so cutee...i love the fabrics and the trims too...what a pretty jam jars too...

    sorry to hear about ur trip to london, i'm like you, i'd be terrified in a crowd and on the tube too!

    blog hopping from ta dah tuesday over at lakota's

    susan ( )

  6. Oh I love vintage handkies, they always look so feminine and delicate , great discoveries!

  7. i dream of gong to a country living (UK) fair, such a shame it wasn't properly organised. i love the robin deco, i have a soft spot for robins too since we dont have them here, i get quite nostalgic for them x

    1. we are planning to go again next year but on a weekday, so hopefully not so busy. I too have a soft spot for them, we have our resident robin in the garden that fills my day with cheer and I adore their cheeky personalitys. I hate to say it but 'an english garden is not right without one' xx

  8. Aw, I didn't make it this year, always lovely stuff but I agree it's madness and very crowded. I usually try and go in the week or on the Sunday. It's been like that every year I've been though - the Christmas show at the Earls Court has more space. London is great mostly - don't be scared!