Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Landing & Charity Shop finds and Make Do and Mend

Well... it is 10.12pm and Arthur has just decided that he has caught this bloody rattley cough and cold off Henry aswell :( So we are both now dosed up on paracetamol and Karvol (which they have stopped selling for some reason, must remember to google why?) but back to my post of the evening.
Evening All,
I would like to start with the update on my 'leaf kicking' skirt, I mentioned a while back that I was hacking off and customising a pooey brown long cord skirt into something I would wear and didnt look like a potatoe sack in... I showed you pictures of it dyed a fabulous dark green and some leaves that I had appliqued onto the bottom. I made a bold statment about this skirt, stating that I wanted it to feel like I was kicking leaves into the air with every step and this has been playing on mind for a few days now as I knew 8 leaves just does not count, they would not even be worth forming into a pile to kick and so out with my needle and thread and this is the result.....

I cut and handstitched approx 40 leaves for this skirt and I can now rest, as it truely feels like I am kicking up leaves with every step. Due to being very floaty and as the colours are quite vibrant against the dark green background, they catch your eye when you walk :)
I have also finally finished 2 other projects, my 'Make Do & Mend' Pinafore dress
I found these fabulous little buttons on ebay, cotton reals and fake buttons. There were other shapes such as needle, scissors etc but there are being saved for another project.

I appliqued a pair of denim scissors and stitched in with wool the 'cut here' line. The template for these scissors was taken from a pair that are kanckered and useless but I will never throw away as they belonged to Granny xx  And the 'Make Do and Mend' is stitched on the back bottom hem..beacuse as you know I like to have interest on the back too.
Project number 2 was to vamp up a space in our home that was lack lustre... The Landing. It is fairly small infact just big enough to pass eachother and to have the laundry basket on, but plain.
This was it half way through, I had just decided on paint colour and was experimenting with a up-cycled border (more on that in another post later) but this is it now..
I used remanents from the curtain fabric from the rest of our home to make the top panel and then some plain green silk I have over 4m of to make some simple curtains (more to just frame the window) Something still isnt quite right about this space but it is slowly evoling. Afterall I am in no rush as this is a home that will evolve over time as we have no intentions of moving ever again...our forever home.
I think these 2 projects well 3 including the leaf skirt are applicable to Ta-Dah Tuesday on Dakotas blog, so heres the link. You should pop over and see what everyone else has been upto!
As promised here is a run-down of my finds from the everntful and 1st time on my own charity shopping in Bedford on Saturday
A lovely paisely red/pink skirt.
This fabulous heavy plaid pink/navy skirt...might need to shorten it as it sits a bit granny length.

An ankle length swishy green plaid skirt.
A full length beige cord skirt but I love it due to the stitch on the bottom.. need to think of someway of lifting the beige...YUCK!

This thick/heavy/ankle length brown/black checked skirt.
Okay this skirt which due to its shape, I am going to wear as a dress...watch this space and trust me!

Plain denim blue cardigan, as I dont suit actual denim but love the colour.

The gorgeous vintage brooch, talk about screaming CHRISTMAS CHEER!!

These 2 beautiful embrooidered belts. The black one is real suede to boot :)

And this was £2... A truelt festive green/red chequered hand knitted blanket... How has nobody snapped it up??

It was ear marked as another blanket for cozying up on the sofe but as soon as my eldest Henry saw it, it has ended up on his Bed... How could I say no, starting him off at a young age into loving charity shops.
Last but not Least... The ultimate festive 'Libertys' waistcoat that I can not believe was only £3.99
She has the loveliest deep Green/Red/Navy and Gold and I am so looking forward to Christmas day to wear her..just need to put together the rest of the outfit to do it justice.
Being nudged by Lynton now as I am writing to you in Bed!!!
Autumn Blessings and keep safe as frosts decend.
Rebecca x


  1. Oh wow, you have some great projects. I know so many people who would absolutely FLIP over that Make do and Mend pinafore. Love the buttons and the appliqued scissors. Enjoy your leaf kicking too!

    1. Hey! I would be more then happy to applique something for them, if they send me an item xx

  2. You have been busy! The leaf kicking skirt and Make Do & Mend dress are wonderful and the landing looks a lot cosier now. x

  3. Love your leaf skirt - great idea!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Loving the make do and mend dress! Fab finds too!
    Victoria xx

  5. That leaf kicking skirt looks like something from Boden, and you know their stuff costs squillions. I love the appliqued scissors too. I shall be looking through my wardrobe to see what is yearning to be turned into a work of art!

  6. You have really found your customising mojo, those bright leaves look gorgeous. Great colours.
    And what a lot of stuff you found in the charity shops, sometimes you just hit the mother lode! xxx

  7. Love the leaves on your skirt and you made that dress so cute with the scissors and spools of thread. I love DIYing my clothes! Makes it feel new
    Oh, and the boots are actually pretty simple to walk in ;) although im quite used to walking in heels...

  8. LOVE your leaf skirt. It's beautiful and looks like something you'd pay a fortune for at Boden! x

  9. So impressed with your gorgeous makes- the dress is so brilliant and the landing space already looks really welcomeing! Wow, you found lots of fine items in teh charity shop! I trust you re the dress, am sure you will do something wonderful with it!x