Sunday, 16 December 2012

Operations, Gadgets and Wee Angels!

So; it has been an incredibly exciting week here at Crivens Cottage. We have had nothing but excellent news from operations to new laptops to making personal progress.

My Dad, who suffers incredibly with damaged knees caused by marathon running, being in the army and general DIY wear and tear, has finally got a date for his first knee replacement and it's on Tuesday! Talk about short notice but it's great timing with it coming up to Christmas and being able to rest (which anyone who knows my Dad, knows that resting will not be easy as he has to have something to do or drill or knock down etc.)

More good news is that I have been bought a fantastic new laptop with a huge screen for Christmas.

Which means I no longer have to sit squinting at my tiny little netbook and I can finally get my blog redesigned and other design work started... a big THANKYOU to my boys and my husband xx

Speaking of other design work and along the craft side of things, I bought three new books this week and they are:

'Granny Chic' by Dottie Angel and Ted & Agnes
'Mollie Makes Christmas' by Mollie Makes the magazine
'Quilting step by step' by Maggi Gordon

They all have a few projects in them that I am going to set myself a task of making in 2013 and I am sure you will find out the highs and lows as I attempt them!

As they will keep my hands busy, I wanted something to keep my mind and soul ticking along too and I came across this delightful book of poems in Waterstones today

'Poems for Life' selected by Laura Barber - Poems to take you from birth through life, and then a little beyond. Featuring poets such as Sylvia Plath, Geoffrey Chaucer, William Wordsworth, Spike Milligan, Emily Dickinson and William Shakespeare.
I am going to set myself a target of reading one a week in 2013 and making a note about how they make me feel and to try and incorporate them into my new crafts that I am hoping to start after Christmas. Again I am positive you will get to read all about it!
And just because I love Thomas Kinkade, I treated myself to this calendar in a local supermarket for £3
I just adore his work, he truly is the 'painter of light'
I have been making and re-arranging some festive decorations this week and I must have moved our huge Christmas tree about 3 times, as I don't like not being able to see it from my living room. But if I move it too where we can see it then there is no room for sitting around it on Christmas morning... so I have decided that I need to fill the living room with more greenery and festivity to make up for the lack of tree and this wee little angel (£3 in TK Max), that was desperate to come home with me and receive a little make over
Her LOVE bunting had broken and come apart, so a few stitches later and it was fixed then I added some little extras as she still seemed a bit plain

A lovely little navy button out of my stash and a navy running stitch around her waist and cuffs

and little navy kisses to the bottom of her dress and she now has a sparkle in her eye and thanked me for sprucing her up and make her all pretty and not like the other wee angels :)

Another purchase on that trip to TK Max were these
These very friendly little German tree decorations by Steinbach?? There were 5 little characters to choose between but at £4.99 each I limited myself to three and it took a while and a few strange looks from people but these three where chosen to come home with us
and are now very happily singing/frolicking and quaffing on our Christmas tree, causing chaos amongst the other decorations!
They do like to have a drink and get up to mischief.
Some Car-booty to show you as I managed to get my hands on these recently for the bargain price of 50p each (they still had the stickers on the bottom for £5.99 each)
 Just look how tarnished and horrid they looked, the guy looked at me like I was crazy when I bought them but after a bit of Brasso and a dry cloth..
Look how they sparkle and shine!
and that is just after one polish, I am going to give them another go in a couple of days to try get the last few tarnishes off but as of now they are sat twinkling away on the window ledge.
And speaking further of makeovers, I have made some slow but steady progress on a concept for the boys bedrooms
This is Henry's bedroom, with some Family made, Charity shopped and favourite teddy bears I have started to make Henry's room cosy but trying to keep it quite plain and old fashioned. I don't want to over theme their rooms, so they grow with them and so changes don't need to be made quite so often and they enjoy them for as long as possible.
This is a hand knitted scarecrow that I found at the car boot last week and instantly feel in love with and is perfect for Arthur's room, which again I want to keep quite plain and old fashioned. I have recently acquired some old Rupert bear books and a few Paddington bear books and a delightful little wooden dumper truck ready for the arrival of his new bookcase/wardrobe.
I am going to make a few bits and pieces to finish their rooms off but it is tricky to get the balance between 'little boys bedrooms' and my own taste.
And just to finish off, this is the stunning Church in Hitchin that we are greeted by in the early hours on a Sunday morning as we arrive at the car boot
Not the greatest picture but I don't have a good enough camera for dark shots but I am hoping that you get the idea!
Festive Blessings and Merry Christmas
Rebecca and all at Crivens Cottage x


  1. The picture came out lovely! I shall have to take my camera next week.
    Your little boys room looks so cosy, I love his bedspread!
    TK Maxx is the greatest. I cannot come out of there empty handed! xx

  2. I love the way that with a few little nice touches your angel looks so different.

    Your son's crocheted quilt looks lovely and cosy.

    Sue xx

  3. Wishing your Dad loads of luck with his op, he'll be pain-free for Xmas!
    I bought one of my friends that Granny Chic book from The Works today, it looks just her kind of thing.
    That crochet blanket looks lovely! x

    1. It is a pretty cool book and I have already made the pinny from old tea towels/napkins :)

  4. Your posts are always full of so many lovely things, Rebecca! Your boy's room looks gorgeous, you sorted that little angel out beautifully, and I am looking forward to seeing how you incorporate the poems into your craft projects.
    Good luck to your dad for the knee op. xxx

  5. I am really looking forward to sorting out my boys' rooms when we move - Henry's room looks really sweet and cosy. I need a way of hiding all the plastic junk! And I could do without the Ben10 posters too.

    Love you little makeovers and hope all goes well with your Dad's op.
    Have a lovely Christmas xx

  6. I love what you did to the angel, what a difference it makes! I've also googled the poetry book and am thinking it might be the one for me! Does it have illustrations inside (I love the front cover)? I've been after a poetry book compiling different poets for a while now and not known where to start - I'm always wishing I could find just the right poem for just the right occasion. One of my favourite poets is 'Patience strong', have you heard of her?
    Thank you for visiting my blog,
    Aqeela x

    1. I too wanted something that covers all occasions and it certainly does. I don't think that it has any illustrations but will double check and let you know. I have not heard of 'patience strong' but I have added it to the list to read over the Christmas holidays x

  7. Have you ever seen the film 'Christmas Cottage'? It's all about Thomas Kinkade and is a really nice film (Peter O'Toole is in it). It's on a few times on one of the satellite channels this week, Christmas 24 to be exact.

    1. I think I saw something about it on Pinterest and while my boys have been at pre-school I have been addicted to Christmas 24 (I am every year if I'm honest to myself). I will have to scour the Sky planner to find it and record it as I adore Thomas Kinkade.

      Thank you very much Melanie xx

    2. You're welcome! I have a husband who adores Christmas films, so we're always dipping in to Christmas 24. It's on on Sunday at 11pm and then again at 5pm and 10pm on Christmas Eve.