Monday, 3 December 2012

Roaring like a tiger and some carboot treasures

So where to start?
How about with this picture of our eldest from a school Christmas fair

It was the first time he had had his face painted, and Henry being Henry needed Daddy to do it first and so the lovely face painting lady obliged and this was the result
My two tiger boys! And of course a picture of a tiger eating in the wild... the choice of food was chocolate cake.
We had a wonderful weekend, shared with my magical mother in law Karen. We spent most of the weekend in front of the roaring fire, drinking tea, talking and spending time with the boys. It was a truly relaxing and nurturing weekend. She helped me talk through some stuff and see things from a different perspective and thoughts/feelings now make sense.
We spent saturday night in with a chinese and a bottle of wine (not for me as I don't drink) but Lynton and Karen certainly enjoyed themselves and the alcohol flowed nicely and it was amazing for all 3 of us to have a good old catch up and we must have talked about everything until we realised it was 1.30am and tiredness took over.
After a 1.30am to bed, I dragged her out to the car boot at 7.30am but it was so worth it. It was lovely to have her all to myself for a couple of hours and we came across some brilliant finds... Karen walked away with a fabulous golden fur coat (Jealous much) some fabric and a dress that when repaired will look amazing on her. I came away with 2 skirts, 2 dresses and an awesome brown fur russian style hat (I haven't taken it off since) these incredible soup mug/bowl thingies... not sure what they are called. However I have been looking for a set of these for a few years but have always refused to pay the crazy prices usually asked for them especially on ebay

and to top it off, they are the ones with the little recipes on the front... Life 1 step closer to complete.
The woman on this stall must have loved me, as not only did I buy these soup mugs from her, and my fur hat but I was umming and ahhhing over this lovely wicker hamper that she had...
but in the end she let me have it for £4 instead of £5 and I took it, and it is going to be lined and used to store my knitting stuff as my needles fit in brilliantly and I am outgrowing my knitting bag.
The weekend was also joined by homemade mince pies
and some gifts from Karen

Some golden blown eggs, I am going to do something with these but not sure what yet and she also gave me some baking beans but they are actually kidney beans that she has dried in the oven and are a perfect replacement for overpriced baking beans you buy in the shops. I am so pleased that she has brought me some, as she told me about them a few months ago but I havent had any surplus kidney beans to make some.
I added some more festive touches to the house too..
This is a beautiful little sparkly and real christmas tree that sits on my shabby shelf in my bedroom

It has this ever so cute little 'Merry Xmas'

My fabric garland and repurposed baubles that I've strewn across the bookcase in the front room

A close up to show you all the tiny little strips of fabric that I lovingly cut out and tied in knots to a piece of string!
And because my home is not complete with only one christmas tree, I now have 4 and this is the small one that sits on my kitchen window sill. It was a plain tree in the pretty star cut felt covered pot and so I added some battery operated little LED's and some mini presents and baubles that I had spare

And yes that was 4 chrismtas trees (so far)
The Big One in the dining room
The Medium One in the veg patch in the front garden
The Kitchen One
The Main Bedroom One
and next year I will have one in the front room, the boys bedrooms and back garden too.
And too top off my wonderful weekend, I have won the 1000th post competiton over at 'Our New Life in the Country' with the wonderful Sue. Please take a look at her blog as it follows her and Hubbys journey to a frugal life, I have discovered some simple yet surprising tips that have been really useful.
It really is starting to look and feel like Christmas
Merry Festive Blessings,
Rebecca x


  1. Oh Rebecca, I always love how packed your blog posts are! Lots of loveliness! I had two of those soup mugs (broth and chicken soup) when I used to work at the Academy but in the move between offices/jobs my replacement in my first job chucked them away?!!!!!!!?????????? (You can imagine I was best pleased!) Glad you have some! Ooooh, I look forward to seeing the hat!

  2. Glad you found some treasures! The doll man came good for me finally! x

  3. I am sure I had those mugs/bowls at some point too, though they are long gone.
    Sounds like you did well at the car boot, and you have been busy decorating and baking yummy mince pies!
    Your tiger boys look fab! Of course tigers eat chocolate cake! xxx

  4. I had those soup mugs years ago and they went to Oxfam cos no one wanted them back then, oh how times have changed. Glad you had fun with Karen told you you are more like minded, xxxxxxxxxxx see you Friday

  5. ROAR!!!! Your boys look super ferocious! :) Your house certainly has a cozy holiday vide going on. Those soup bowls are fab too!