Wednesday, 9 January 2013

A not so Wordless Wednesday and a Moppe Makeover

I was going to do my wordless Wednesday today but I have decided to not allow myself to be put off any longer by nasty anonymous comments and I am going to show you my recent makeover.
Emma-Kate over at Painted Style has recently done a wonderful makeover and it both switched on the light bulb in my head, and got my fingers to work, after a trip to Ikea in Wembley and a haul of their wonderful Moppe drawers (can be found here).
A total of 36 drawers...
And finding the smallest little wooden drawer handles on eBay...
 I knew exactly what I was going to do with the drawers; I have been keeping hold of an old William Morris calendar from a few years back as I am an avid William fan and the result couldn't have come out better...
It really is amazing what you can do with some children's PVA glue, scissors and sandpaper. They are now placed in full view on our dining room bookcases and I am slowly sorting out my craft/sewing/painting crap into them and will have my very own craft area :)
Some huge decisions have been made over the festive period and once my blogging mojo/confidence has fully returned I will post about it all.
But for now I will come out and admit that the shabby chic/vintage/chintzy look is not for me. I thought it was as I was trying to find a way to fit in but I have allowed my infatuation with folk/na├»ve/primitive bury itself, but no longer. I have also made the realisation that yes I do love to sew but my heart is in painting. I am not one to sit and sew pretty little things and I certainly do not have the patience to make my own clothes, I love to customise but not Make!
Like I said I have been going through some changes, both physically, emotionally and spiritually from making 2013 a simpler year to rekindling my love of painting.
And I'm so super excited but I have had two amazing deliveries today. The first from Cath Kidston...
(this is part of my simplifying my physical self - I have chosen a matching day bag, evening bag and purse and I am selling all my others to minimise the decision of which bag to use???)
And then there was this... my new shiny car!
Gone are the days of wet seats from the leaky windows and a dodgy clutch and 1st gear. I can hold my head up and feel confident that I have reliable transport for me and my boys.
oh! and I have the most wonderful Hubby in the world as this was my Christmas pressie (if only because he didn't want my 'leaky old bus' parked next to his new shiny Mercedes)
To Mrs Anonymous, even though my husband intellectually shot you down in scores of flames, I was really affected by your nasty and judgemental comments but in a way I thank you, as you have made me review who I really am, and that I am no longer afraid to show myself to the world.
As I am shedding all pretence, our garden has had an overhaul from this...
Our 20ft high, out of control back garden hedge which blocked out most of the days sunlight...
A man with chainsaw in our front trees cutting them back by over a third...
And Ta-Dah (linking up to Lakota) look at the result!
Bring on the back garden being finished for spring planting and the moving of the Hubby's greenhouse and my soon to be painted/made over potting shed.
Love to you all and my apologies for the lack of confidence to post
Seasonal Blessings


  1. those drawers look absolutely amazing! so glad to see you back x

  2. Hi Rebecca, well I don't know about any horrible anon commenters, but I do know that I LOVE what you've done with the drawers and am wishing I could be a big old copycat and have some EXACTLY the same! The William Morris paper and teeny knobs just looks perfect, really really gorgeous.

    And for what it's worth I'm not a huge fan of shabby chic either, it's definitely not compulsory. I most hate Cath K too (sorry) which is pretty much a hanging offence in blogging circles. Go your own way and screw the nasty comments. Delete, delete, delete!


  3. Not that I'm saying I hate your new Cath K stuff by the way, just that it's not really me. Her florals give me a headache! Love your car though, very sexy!

    1. Thank you Lakota, Cath K's spots are about the only pattern that I actually like, the floral patterns are far too much for me and living in a house full would give me a headache.

      It is good to know that I am not the only one out there who feels this way.

      I have been trying to think of places to drive too, and I am even going to drive my eldest to nursery (its only a 5min walk) just because I can..tehehe

  4. I have just read back over older posts to find what your Anonymous commenter had to say for her/his self and I must say I am shocked. I am also FULL of admiration for your husbands replies. Go MR C!!

    NEVER, NEVER, NEVER let yourself be browbeaten by these obnoxious trolls that have the cowardice to hide behind 'Anonymous' and then go on to belittle your blog, family or life. You were brave to let the comment stay published, in future simply press that delete key as quickly as you can and don't give them the satisfaction of even seeing their evil words in print.

    Your Blog is brilliant and what you have, and are achieving is wonderful. Your words on this post sound as though you have really found yourself and I love your new accessories and the biggest one, the car, is gorgeous. I am totally jealous!!

    All the very best for this promising New Year to you and your family.

    Sue xx

    1. Thank you Sue, such kind words fill me with confidence to keep going and move past those out there with nothing good to say.

      I too am full of admiration for Mr C, he is my knight in shining armour as I have a very thin skin and need protecting every now and again.

  5. PS. Mrs Anon was just being mean, your husband rocks!

  6. The drawers look fantastic and sit so well amongst your books and art materials. I love your bag but I am not so enamoured by the flowery CK look. And lucky you to have such a fantastic 4 wheeled Christmas present, and by the way, such a fantastic husband. I have just gone back over your previous posts to find the 'anonymous comment' and have to salute your husband's fantastic response. I'm so glad you have bounced back - I don't think you'll find anyone that would have agreed with her nasty and unnecessary comment. Enjoy your painting! M x

    1. Thank you M, I am incredibly Thankful and incredibly lucky to have my new car and I have already filled it with girls stuff.. a nice blanket and cushion and some handmade owls that were a Christmas present from family... as I live in a house full of boys it is my girlie sanctuary. Hence the reason Mr C ordered it in the Hot magenta xx

  7. Wow! Your drawers are BEAUTIFUL! And I love the way you have cleverly matched your handbag to your car!
    Sue says it all perfectly! I don't think you need spineless anonymous comments on your blog at all! It takes guts for us to stick our heads up and blog. If you don't like it, don't read it!
    I'm very excited to see your painting!!! Love E K x

    1. Thank you E K and it was your post that inspired me, so they are partly your creation too xx

      haha! My new bag does match my car doesn't it, not noticed that before xx

  8. Wow - love what you have done with those drawers! Funny how we hold on to things just knowing that they will come in handy some day (well, that's my excuse anyway)! Your William Morris paper looks great on these.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. Goodness, those drawers look fabulous! I really love them and they look lovely on your bookshelves.
    I just read the nasty comments and applaud your husband for standing up to the person who wrote them, he did make me giggle with some of his remarks. These people are the reason I approve comments first these days. Don't let these people get you down xxx

  10. I love your approach to the new year. I'm trying to go down the lines of a little bit of decluttering every day and to stop making life stressful for myself - saying no to things is getting easier!

    Those drawers are fab. Did they take you long to do? I'm tempted to get my crafty hat on and have a go at something similar...

    1. I must admit it is hard to say no to things, but like you I find it easier each time. And NO the drawers didn't take long at all, an afternoon at most depending on how long you have to wait for the glue to dry x

  11. Happy New Year, Rebecca! I am glad you didn't let some bizarre anonymous troll put you off blogging. I hadn't read any of it before, but I must say Bravo to your husband for his fabulous, informed and robust defence of you, your family and your blog. He's a good'un!
    So - onward and upward. Love your drawers (if that doesn't sound too Carry On!) What a lovely idea, they look great.
    I'm not a chintzy floral type either, I can appreciate the makeovers and projects many bloggers do in that shabby-chic style, but it's not really my cup of tea. But that's fine, we don't all like the same things! We all have our own tastes and can make our homes and our personal style a reflection of our personalities. Good for you, find your own path and off you go! xxxx

    1. Thank you for your lovely words, they are always so thoughtful. I am certainly re-discovering my own personal style and it is really empowering.

  12. Fantastic Moppe makeover.

    I don't normally comment but just wanted to say Bravo for ignoring the trolls.

  13. Firstly I want to say that I am new to your blog and found you via Our New Life (Sue). I read this post excited to hear about somebody who is brave enough to "come out" and admit your lack of love for shabby chic. Nothing wrong in that at all. I waver between styles but I don't believe that there is anything wrong in that either. Style is about personal choice not following the crowds and let me just say that from that there makeover you have style aplenty. I love what you have done with the boxes. They are very chic indeed.

    Secondly I want to stand up and applaud and then shake the hand of Mr C. What a great response to Mrs Anonymous. There is much that I would like to say but as you have moved on then so must I.

    I have pressed the follow button and I look forward to perusing previous posts and waiting for future posts. Happy New Year and I do hope that your confidence to be who you are continues. You will find that life becomes so much more fulfilling when you are true to yourself.

  14. glad to see that you haven't let that one terrible comment put you off blogging. I and many others love your blog. Through your blog I see a fantastic, talented, caring, family person and I enjoy reading your lovely posts.

    I too love what you have done with the drawers, they look amazing. I rather like and enjoy seeing the chintzy shabby chic look in photographs, but admit that the whole floral thing is not really me - I tend to veer more towards a rather boho eclectic look in reality, I think it's the aging hippy in me!

    Here's to a happy 2013. Linda xxx

  15. Those drawers look absolutely fantastic - I may have to steal your ideas!! I love William Morris designs. Bags are gorgeous too. Who cares what anonymous people think. Plenty of people (including me) love to read what you post.

  16. I had to pull up the Ikea website and see what those drawers were. I love what you've done with them and I think they look perfect. My favorite look is a blend of beach casual (after all, I live in coastal SoCal) and simple Danish modern. Try to put those together! But it works for us :)

  17. Hi Rebecca,

    I was so surprised to hear that you had a negative comment left, so i scrolled back to find it and loved your supportive hubbys response. He made one mistake though... Christianity was not based on pagan ritual originally - it was against paganism 100% - but gradually over time it took on pagan ritual and incorporated more of that belief system than its original teachings / revelations. Now unfortunately its all mixed up and most people have no idea whats right and wrong which i guess is one reason why Christianity is generally decreasing. Anyway... not judging of course, just felt like saying.
    Thank you so much for finding and enjoying my blog, since popping over to yours a few times im really beginning to enjoy your posts too. Try not to let any negative comments get you down, find a positive in them - and it seems that you have and now your changing a few things in your life. Looking forward to seeing your arty side come out! You seem like a lovely sensitive humble person :-)
    I will admit im embarrassed to like cath kidston as i find her really cliche but really i do love most of her stuff. I have the spotty bag too but in green.
    I also have that William Morris calendar and have been saving it for a craft project similar to yours! William Morris is one of my favorite pattern designers and although ive never had the right house for a full wall of his papers i did manage quite a few different samples of his on my dining room patchwork wall - have you seen it?
    Anyway im going on a bit now arent i?! I look forward to visiting again soon God Willing, and i just realised, your not really that far away from me in South Leicestershire, kind of!
    Aqeela xx

  18. Hey Rebecca! I've been away from the blog-world so I've missed all this but I am sorry someone left you a nasty comment, I haven't read it, but it's such a shame that this lovely blogworld has to be marred by people like that. I love all the changes and things you have been doing and I think you're taking a good stance! The William Morris drawers look fabulous!
    By the way, did the birthday card ever arrive?x