Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Decluttering amongst the flowers & the snow

As Christmas has been and gone, all the new year cheer has passed and the last of the excitement of parcels from the postman has been delivered. I have now turned my attention to decluttering our home, my wardrobe, my emotions and how we live our lives. I feel the need for a complete overhaul.

I have always dreamt of what my family and home would be like, and if I'm completely honest we aren't living it, and that is my fault. I dream of the perfect family, not the sickly sweet film family but the happy family, were we each love the other, and know that whatever we need physically, emotionally and spiritually can be found in our home. I want a safe place where we are all feel free to be ourselves with no pretence and no judgement. A place where there will always be wholesome food and wholesome hugs. I am going to make this happen this year, as it is down to me to achieve this with help from the hubby of course, but mainly me. I am the home-maker, that is the role I chose and the role I aspire to fill 100%.
I have taken a long hard look at our home and have decided that the best way to kick start this simpler, happier home for us, is by removing the physical excess and I don't mean our physical selves as we are all happy in our skin. The excess or clutter that is crammed into every nook and cranny.

I started by making the decision that if there was anything in my wardrobe that doesn't make me feel just like 'ME', fit me perfectly, or be matched with a cardigan & t-shirt/shirt then it's off it goes. I took a whopping 20 bags of re-sellable items to the charity shops and anything else went to one of those fabric recycling bins. I have now set myself the challenge of buying no more clothes for the next 3 months (setting my goals in small batches to start).

I have hung each of my dresses with their corresponding cardigan, so now when I open my wardrobe I simply choose which colour cardigan I want to wear and TA-DAH! my outfit for the day is decided and there is no fuss! Well that is the theory. (Linking up to Lakota and Ta-Dah Tuesday)
I am just deciding on what to do about the skirts that I have kept, as I prefer a dress to a skirt as you don't get the cut in half look, but that means spending money to replace the skirts. So I am thinking of selling the skirts on eBay and whatever their combined total is I will spend on replacing with dresses.
I do own 5 pairs of trousers/jeans but these are rarely worn and spending most of the time in the bottom of the wardrobe neglected, so they might end up for the charity shop too yet.
As I mentioned in last post that I had bought 3 items from Cath Kidston and this was for a similar reason. I want to simplify my life and take out the meaningless decision that causes me chaos and in-decision. So, I am selling all my other bags and purses (I have 3 purses WHY??) on eBay and have bought myself a matching everyday bag, a special occasion bag and a matching purse again to help streamline my days.
Amongst the madness of the physical de-clutter I discovered that I am creating little areas of our home that make me feel at ease and at peace, like things are starting to fall into place and this is one of them..
Nothing spectacular, just a cleared bookcase, with my lamp, a charity shopped plate, my beautiful carved sunflower girl (Willow Tree 'Sunshine') which my boys bought me for Christmas, and some simple golden carnations and red flower hips. Every time I look over at the tiny corner of the room it gives me hope. Hope that one day this year I will feel this way about our entire home.
Flowers always bring me the biggest cheer, they are my biggest weakness (I was woo'd by my dear hubby by a bunch of flowers every week while we were courting). There is nothing else like snipping and arranging a bunch of flowers to be displayed in your home. I love to play around with the textures but I am not one for big blousy blooms; I like simpler traditional flowers and if I am completely honest my favourite is the good old cheap carnation. I love the variety of colours and that they seem to last forever. They are stunning on their own but are best mixed with bits from the garden.
Awwww! Makes me wonder about my perfect date!! Fish & Chips out of the paper, Dr Pepper and a bunch of carnations xx
I am such a classy & expensive bird!!
While I did the food shopping on Friday I treated myself to £11 worth of flowers from Tesco (I am yet to try our local market for flowers) and out of the £11, I managed to put together 3 wonderful bunches. A large one for the side in the living room, a medium one for the dining room as seen above with my sunflower girl and this small mug & saucer arrangement. It is quite small but I think my favourite, as it happened by chance. I was about to throw out the white mug & Saucer (I was going decorate it as a Christmas pressie for my Mum, but she beat me to the mug & saucer buying) and I don't drink tea or coffee so it has been sat cluttering up the kitchen. Anyway, as I was doing the larger bunches I was left with the scrappy bits and just plonked them into the mug and instantly loved the miniature scene that was unfolding before my eyes, and it now sits proudly on my kitchen window ledge and it has given the 'about to be charity shopped' mug & saucer a purpose in life.
There are lots of different phases to our 2013 simple life overhaul, so it will be snippets of the madness as we travel along this road. Please don't get me wrong, I am trying to make our home and daily life simpler and easier but that doesn't mean a cut to complete frugality. We are EXTREMLY lucky that we can afford some of the niceties in this life and are not ashamed to indulge them. But where we can we will be making wiser choices and think about a way around something before we spend money on it to make sure we spend as little as needed. Mr. Crivens and I believe that cheapest isn't always best and that a bargain/offer is only that if it is something you actually need and use.
And just because it finally felt like WINTER this week, some pictures of our Garden in the snow!
For my Mum a picture of Arthur's first outing in Snow
There are a few other hope filling little spaces that are emerging but I don't feel that they are fully there yet and so aren't ready to share them, but I will I promise.
I want to end my ramblings by saying THANK YOU to all you wonderful readers who left me such inspiring and delightful comments on my last post. I was overwhelmed by how many other people find our life interesting and worth while reading about. I love you all and you are the reason I shall keep going and grow in strength & confidence to shine my light to the world.
Winter blessings to you all
and a big Welcome to my newest followers
Rebecca x


  1. An emotional and physical springclean is so therapeutic and your home looks so warm and inviting. I still have boxes and bags lying around from my last springclean that I need to get rid of/ sell on Ebay. I can't wait to be rid of it all and experience that renewed enthusiasm again x

    1. Get on with it Lucy! I am trying to list 3-4 items everyday on eBay until the pile has gone! I can not wait for the landing to be clear of the 'eBay pile' and it to be light and airy again. And then think of what to do with the money made minus fees, as I am not touching it until everything has been listed and sold/unsold.

  2. I totally get where you're coming from with the home thing, I really want to achieve the same and need to carve out some more time and more patience in order to make it happen. Hopefully this will be the year we get a new house too, it's been on hold for so long. I've been losing weight, so my wardrobe needs attention too - lots of things are too big but I'm hoping to regain some items that have been too small for a while!

    Good luck with all your endeavours this year xx

    1. Sounds very exciting Lakota and I said to you before Hitchin is a marvellous place. I have to say that moving home is the perfect excuse to have a major de-clutter, less boxes to move and less kicking yourself thinking why did I move that piece of junk?? lol

      Congratulations on the weight loss and it will feel really empowering when you chuck out the things that are too big and can see all that is left to fit you xx

  3. I have started a bit of a wardrobe cull myself, but I find it difficult! Well done, it is clear to see your determination and focus. I am sure you will succeed in remaking your home, and wardrobe, you've made a great start. After my wardrobe, I need to tackle the house, there isn't a room in it I like very much! You have inspired me to start somewhere small, clear a space, a corner, and make it pretty. Thanks, Rebecca! xxxx

    1. I am not surprised that you have difficulty if your posts are anything to go by as your clothes are simply fabulous!

      But I am very happy to inspire you to start off small, that is how I started and eventually it is turning into whole rooms before I realise. Good luck xx

  4. I applaud your goal. Whilst im happy for the most part with my home, we are always re-jigging things, we just enjoy it. I was terrible with clothes though until i had my daughter when a sort if uniform emerged of the simple clothes i liked which always seem to work with each ither. Parting with the rest (barely worn) has been a very slow process, i only got rid of the last 'best' stuff to a clothing swap a couple of months ago. And i really dont miss it and i really like the resulting lack of crampedness. Good luck on your declutter mission x

    1. My youngest is a year now and I have finally accepted that I am never going to be the stick like size 10 that I used to be, but do you know what I am a curvy 16 and love it. My clothes look better on me and I have loved getting rid of stuff that doesn't celebrate my new found acceptance of my here to stay size/shape. Last few bits to part with and I will be wardrobe clutter free and knowing that all in it makes me feel fabulous.

      Great idea about a clothes swap, will need to look into that x

  5. It's lovely to have a wardrobe de-clutter isn't it. I feel so much better since I started Project 333 and I love the space in the wardrobe more than I loved the clothes that used to live there.

    I too am slowly working my way around our home doing a 'final' declutter, we did the main one last year which was a sweeping declutter, selling most of it at car boot sales and this year it is time for the careful consideration of what we have left, still too much in our opinion. It's time consuming but VERY satisfying.

    It was lovely to read this post, you are really on form and sound much happier.

    Sue xx

    1. Sue I must admit that every time I open the wardrobe I get giddy because there is space and everything has room to hang properly. I am just working my way up to removing more over the next week or so.

      I love knowing that I've got empty drawers and cupboards xx

  6. Well done you!
    You may know that decluttering is my goal this year, Andy had to do most of it over the weekend as my back wasn't cooperating. We finally got rid of the gift bags that had been building up over the years (we always think we'd reuse them but the amount we unearthed without having to dig too deeply was evidence that we just don't) and I got rid of lots of fabric scraps I had been squirreling too.

    1. lol.. I know what you mean about gift bags. Every time I give one with a present inside they always give me back with the comment 'I'm sure you can re-use that' and they are right I probably have 3-4 times but they keep coming back.

  7. Hello my darlings, well that was a lot of ramblings, and well said......remember you are who you are and people with have there own opinions and sometimes they will agree and other times the green eyed dragon will appear as you know. I love to see and hear what you have been doing as you are so far away, but I am delighted to say you get ALL your craft genes from both Dad and Me and Granny too, tell Arthur and Henry tht Granny is coming in 9 days time and will need lots of cuddles and of course a big special one for you too xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and Lynton of course xxxx love and hugs Mum

  8. Hello
    I am a bit confused but the flowers are Chrysanthemums in your picture.
    Thanks for a lovely blog. I am a Brit living in the USA.

    1. Marlane, Thank you for spotting my terrible mistake! Whoops! Yes you are right they are in fact Chrysanthemums, which are my favourites.

      That is what happens when distracted writing a post & when your husband proof reads and wouldn't think to check the name of the flowers..lol

    2. Hey we all make mistakes. I just was not sure if it was a mistake or not. I am a keen gardener so I felt that I should say something.
      Thanks for being gracious and for a great Blog.

  9. Hello Rebecca, goodness 20 bags to the charity shop must have left you feeling a lot lighter!! I am the opposite and seem to wear jeans everyday! I wonder sometimes if I might wear something else! Have a good weekend, Heather x


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