Thursday, 7 March 2013

Springtime Colour and Phoebe Wahl

During the 2 days of warm weather and sunshine and feeling inspired by my fellow blogger Aqeela from 'Remembering the days at Aqeelas house' and her post about Springtime Energy, Arthur and I went for a hunt for some instant springtime colour for my new back border..

And we ended up buying 28 primulas/primroses in pinks, whites, reds, yellows and purple, 27 of which have gone along the edge of the bed to give the first row of colour.
Amongst the chaos in the potting shed (she will be sorted out when moved this weekend) I discovered some Narcissi that had happily started to grow in their mesh bag! So with a squeal of delight and a blessing to mother nature, I have planted them in between the primroses. I figured they will either try to grow now or die off this year and come back next year... only time will tell and I am not prepared to waste them.
Have you spied my newest addition? My little pond in the background? While hunting for spring colour I bought a 40cm black plant pot (no holes in the bottom mind) and decided to sink it into the bed, place a few bricks around it for shelter and Ta-Dah! I have my long lusted after wildlife pond. Granted I am waiting for the water to settle and sort itself out before I put any plants in it but I am super excited to see if it attracts anything!
I moved 2 of my Ferns and 2 Astilbes from my woodland area in the front garden to surround it, hoping that when grown they will provide dangling leaves and further shelter for wee creatures and amphibians :)
On a completely separate note I discovered an incredibly talented young lady today, while scouring Pinterest and fell instantly in love!
Phoebe Wahl is an illustrator that creates the most enchanting pictures, collages and figures.

Neighbourhood (2012)

The Encounter (2012)

At Home (2012)
Her artwork celebrates all that life should be, especially womanhood, childbirth, mother nature, raising a family, the home and its hearth. A truly wiccan theme and very close to my soul. Oh! How I long to able to draw this way, but I draw like a 10 year old, so will have to wait until she has prints available in her etsy shop.
Phoebe Wahl you have a new fan and I send you many creative and fruitful blessings.
Spring Shower blessings
Rebecca x 


  1. Hi Rebecca your garden looks like it will be just sooooo Spring like when its finished.
    I have a large garden and love to see the spring flowers appearing daily after there winter sleep.
    Oh how i would love to paint like Phoebe Wahl. Her painting are amazing, so colourful and with such detail.
    I am on course for our Spring swop and hope to get it posted on time......xx

    1. I agree I was so excited when my first spring bulbs appeared this year, I cant wait to get the rest of the garden planted full of colour.

      I am on track too for our swap, in fact the last item has arrived today! so it will be all wrapped and packed next week ready to post next weekend. I am so excited xx

  2. Don't forget to put a little ramp or step of some kind in your little pond to help any creatures that fall in climb out. There's nothing worse than finding dead floating things in your pond (for them or you).

    The pictures are lovely - very vibrant.

    1. Thankyou Sue, it is really nice to finally see some colour in the back garden as it has been a building site for so long.

      I am finishing my little pond tomorrow complete with large pebbles as a step, as I cant bear the thought of any floating things :(

  3. glad your garden taking shape, great little pond! the illustrations are lovely, nice find, Heather x

  4. The art is lovely - the little nudey baby made me smile, that's just how their fat little bellies are.

    I'd like a pond, I could sit next to them for ages and revert to a child-like state trying to catch frogs etc.

  5. Lovely to see your garden coming together!

  6. Isn't it great to feel you are creating a beautiful outside space? Well done for all your hard work, I love the idea of the little pond.
    Those illustrations are adorable. xxx

  7. Thank you Rebecca, glad my gardening post inspired you! Im really excited about seeing your garden this year, you are my most anticipated gardening blogger right now as i can tell youve been doing lots of work and starting from scratch like i have in mine. Trouble for me is that i have to do all of ours on my own so it takes twice as long!
    Thank you for sharing the artworks too, ive added them to my pinterest board 'Art Inspiration' as id love to paint something like them!