Thursday, 1 May 2014

It feels like the start of something good!

Since my Mum & Dad came to stay during the school spring holidays a sense of renewal and a surge of energy has been feeling the cottage. I have felt an overwhelming sense to get things in order and to stop procrastinating. 

I am feeling very determined to get as many of my projects done without spending a penny and using or sourcing the materials I need for free. So far I have done well.

I have managed to Cat proof the veg beds with chicken wire, garden canes and string.

I don't really want our veg growing in what they believe to be their toilet beds!

The up cycled pond is progressing slowly.

The brown sink was from my next door neighbours skip and the butlers sink has been very kindly donated from my beautiful Auntie Ruth. I am happy to announce that the lower pond (brown sink) is fully water tight and full of rain water however it is now full of  mud due to two mischievous little boys!

I think the lower pond will become a boggy area and I will have the top one as a wildlife pond as they wont be able to reach it when its finished.

Now that the bottom shady bed has been moved and the fabulous up cycled chicken coop has been built in its place, I thought it would be lovely to use the next bed up as a mini wild flower meadow.

So I set about weeding and digging over to remove the seeds and then scattered on this lot

which are an assortment of allsorts from my stash, some from Instagram swaps, old packets and some from my Mum.

(Native Cornflowers, Native Poppy's, Native Wildlife mix, Native Ox eye daises & Desert bluebell)

I then covered it with chicken wire left over from the cat proof to stop the cats from digging it up.

My Creative juices have been flowing and I have been playing with the flowers around where I live to make prints and paintings using a mallet and waterproof paper.

This is my Spring print as it contains all the flowers that were in bloom in April.

I am going to do one for each season with the flora around us and then frame them for the front room. It is also a fabulous way to let off some steam with a mallet in hand :)

I have been doing lots of sewing too but I am not ready to share that yet, as its still in ideas phase.

But I have been building, spurred on by my handiwork with the wooden planter I set to work up cycling my old horrid corner desk which was not fit for purpose and looked hideous in our higgledy piggledy cottage...into this

I used the legs off the old corner desk, left over bits of veg bed boards and an old knackered bookcase to make a custom fit craft desk. I have sanded the desktop down but left the shelve sides rough as I like the contrast between the two. It now matches in perfectly with the bookcase in the other alcove as I have also tried to use the same fabrics for both curtains.

(This is the other alcove)

Mr C hasnt made comment about it but I almost had a heart attack last night when he commented on the garden looking nice (THUMP!!! me hitting the floor)

Mr C has been under a lot of stress with our business still being young and finances very tight and he hasn't really been around the past 6 months emotionally, so it feels my heart with joy and hope that he is slowly returning to us. 

I can not wait to show you the pictures of the front garden but this it still a work in progress and a slow one with two boys around. Although they did a good job of helping me dig over and weed yesterday.

We have been trying to restore a sense of calm and fulfilment in our home and we are getting there, big leaps have been made in the last few weeks I am determined that it will continue.

I am grateful that...

this cheeky young pup helps me find calm when out for a walk

My heart soars when I'm around these three

 with patience your hard work starts to pay off, the first of my carrot seedlings.

Happy Beltane

Mrs C 

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Moving forward and Up Cycling

It is a beautiful sunny Sunday morning here in our patch and all is at peace. The hubby is resting in bed, the boys are colouring at the table, the cats and the dog are asleep at my feet and I am feeling the urge to record this moment and my thoughts..
It has been a hive of activity in the cottage this past week, my wonderful parents have been here to help me lift out of a home in chaos and struggling to find my way through it. It has been a very tough 4 months and I think it is only set to get a little worse, but I am now strong of mind that I know we can get through it. I have spent some quality time with them and it has lifted my spirit to the highest peaks. My mind is at rest as I have seen that my Mum is doing amazingly well and she has inspired me to not let anything bring me down and to come back fighting and stronger then before. My Dad has reminded me that anything is possible with the right set of tools in hand. I have been truly humbled this week and I can not Thank them enough.
It is my Mums birthday today and so I would love you all to send her Birthday Blessings xx
My Garden has become my haven once again, a place to rest, a place to feel in awe, a place to breath and a place to share with those I love.

 My Dad has up cycled our old Rabbit hutch and run into a Chicken coop as I am determined to own chickens by next Spring and I now have the place to keep them safe and it didn't cost anything other then a few cups of tea.
Just a coat of paint and a name on the door and all is complete.
While my Dad was busy hammering and sawing I got to spend some quality time with him as he supervised me as I made a little planter out of old planks to go next to my front door..
The couple of hours by his side has made me feel connected to him again, I miss making things with him and helping him. He inspires me to have a go and to be inventive with the materials that I have around me. It is just a shame that I lack the skills!
It has been a week of up cycling, as I have foraged this pallet box thing from my lovely next door neighbour and it is going to be my new compost bin.
and she has also given me this old brown sink which will be sealed and sunk into the ground alongside a butlers sink (donated by my Auntie Ruth) to be our new wildlife pond.
Things are moving forward and I am learning the difference between the things we NEED and the things we WANT. I still have a few slip ups but when you go from earning a lot to suddenly only a third it takes time to adjust.
Spring Blessings to you all.
Mrs C x