Sunday, 13 April 2014

Moving forward and Up Cycling

It is a beautiful sunny Sunday morning here in our patch and all is at peace. The hubby is resting in bed, the boys are colouring at the table, the cats and the dog are asleep at my feet and I am feeling the urge to record this moment and my thoughts..
It has been a hive of activity in the cottage this past week, my wonderful parents have been here to help me lift out of a home in chaos and struggling to find my way through it. It has been a very tough 4 months and I think it is only set to get a little worse, but I am now strong of mind that I know we can get through it. I have spent some quality time with them and it has lifted my spirit to the highest peaks. My mind is at rest as I have seen that my Mum is doing amazingly well and she has inspired me to not let anything bring me down and to come back fighting and stronger then before. My Dad has reminded me that anything is possible with the right set of tools in hand. I have been truly humbled this week and I can not Thank them enough.
It is my Mums birthday today and so I would love you all to send her Birthday Blessings xx
My Garden has become my haven once again, a place to rest, a place to feel in awe, a place to breath and a place to share with those I love.

 My Dad has up cycled our old Rabbit hutch and run into a Chicken coop as I am determined to own chickens by next Spring and I now have the place to keep them safe and it didn't cost anything other then a few cups of tea.
Just a coat of paint and a name on the door and all is complete.
While my Dad was busy hammering and sawing I got to spend some quality time with him as he supervised me as I made a little planter out of old planks to go next to my front door..
The couple of hours by his side has made me feel connected to him again, I miss making things with him and helping him. He inspires me to have a go and to be inventive with the materials that I have around me. It is just a shame that I lack the skills!
It has been a week of up cycling, as I have foraged this pallet box thing from my lovely next door neighbour and it is going to be my new compost bin.
and she has also given me this old brown sink which will be sealed and sunk into the ground alongside a butlers sink (donated by my Auntie Ruth) to be our new wildlife pond.
Things are moving forward and I am learning the difference between the things we NEED and the things we WANT. I still have a few slip ups but when you go from earning a lot to suddenly only a third it takes time to adjust.
Spring Blessings to you all.
Mrs C x

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Saling, Wildflowers & Icecream 2013

Just a reminder that Spring and Sunshine are on their way and that there are many new adventures to be had.... this is from Summer 2013.

I do find it quite wonderful that there are such a vast array of plants that thrive without any human love & attention. We've just been on one of our local walks around Priory Country Park, taking us through woods, over streams and bridges and around the lake. It is absolutely lush with greenery and an abundance of Cow Parsley (my favourite wild flower) I was watching it sway and dance in the gentle may breeze.
Watching the buzzing busy bees with their little legs bulging with pollen, darting from one flower to the next and of which I know none of the names.

There was an open day at the sailing club today, so we all went out on a little sailing boat. Mr C loved it, as he can already sail a bit and has always wanted us to own a boat of our own so he can take us all out on it. Mst A was not happy at all, but it was nap time but he is also yet to discover the use of legs and walk, so he still finds it unsettling when the ground moves beneath him.
Mst H was loving it, he was a bit nervous at first but as soon as we got out onto the water, he became all serious and listened to everything Dick our instructor told us. Mst H was most impressed when he was allowed to steer us around the Island (where Abney & Teal live)

We sat and ate our picnic on the terrace of the club house while watching the canoeing, wind surfing and sailing lessons taking place. There was a wonderful sense of merriment as fun was being had by all.

We then continued our walk making sure to stay out of the way of the 'jigger joggers' (the triathlon runners) Mr C and Mst H disappeared off on one of their adventures into the woods and Mst A and I stuck to the pram friendly path taking photos of nettles, dandelion clocks, cow parsley and other unknown flowers that caught my eye.

 But it wouldn't of been our first official picnic in the sunshine without a '99' complete with flake and strawberry sauce.

We have arrived back at home with two tired little boys, Mst A is having a nap upstairs and Mst H is trying to convince himself that he isn't tired by trying to play but ends up grumping or sniffling as he has hurt himself due to his tired and clumsy state. Mr C is building some protective cages to keep the sparrows of our young pea shoots.

The sun has been shining all day when the weatherman said it would be overcast and grey. You can feel and see the magic spell that the sunlight is casting over the garden and I am off to sow the next phrase of Spring Onions, Rocket and Spinach before we all sit down to Roast Chicken with all the trimmings.
I hope you all had a wonderful.
Mrs C x